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ClanTect Motion Detection Technology (MDT) is used for the detection of hidden human presence in vehicles. It is most commonly used to search the interior of larger vehicles (trucks, containers, trailers, coaches, caravans, tankers, cement mixers, etc), where there are more spaces and places for concealment.

ClanTect MDT is so sensitive that it can detect the very smallest of human movements, from the flicker of a finger to a cough, an agitated heart beat or a deep breath, anywhere inside a vehicle.

ClanTect Ltd is owned and operated by a team of world leading scientists in the field of sound, vibration and signal processing, who have designed, developed and implemented many ground breaking products in the defence, aerospace, maritime, automotive and medical industries.


The structures of larger vehicles are usually either ‘soft sided’ (canvas sides) ‘hard sided’ (metallic sides). Different techniques and technologies have been tried for the detection of human presence, but with poor results.

Co2 ‘sniffer’ devices have been commonly deployed to search ‘soft sided’ vehicles. However, with fruits, vegetables and plants, the readings can be distorted and unreliable. Equally the use of dogs, who are trained to pick up human scent, can be negated by the fugitives using other strong scents to ‘counter’ and mislead the dogs.

However, with ‘hard sided’ vehicles, the sue of C02 sniffer device sis not viable, given that the structure is primarily composed of steel and aluminium alloys. These metallic frames also make it extremely difficult for scanning technologies, such as x-rays, to be used effectively, if at all, for detecting hidden presence inside the vehicles. Certain types of x-ray technologies also come with the added health risks to both the operators and to any fugitives.

There is increased pressure for the faster onward movement of large vehicles, at check points, which makes it impractical and almost impossible to conduct a thorough internal search of the vehicle. For example, it could take 2 or 3 personnel, 30-45 minutes (and it could require lifting equipment, such as a fork-lift truck) to offload sufficient contents of a trailer, in order to conduct an in-depth search. It would then take a further 15-30 minutes to reload the contents securely back into the truck. In busy areas, such as ports, rail freight terminals and border crossings, there will be hundreds of vehicles queueing to be checked and to carry on their journey. Hence there is neither the time, nor the manpower, available to execute effective manual searches.

In addition, the concealment of fugitives inside the vehicles, is getting increasingly sophisticated. There are new techniques and intelligence being used by crime syndicates, and terrorist groups, who are organising the concealment and transportation of the human ‘cargo’. In parallel the fugitives, particularly the refugees escaping from armed conflicts and oppressive regimes, are increasingly desperate and will take enormous risks to conceal themselves in potentially life-threatening positions.

What ClanTect provides is a solution which is fast, easy to use and, above all else, reliable and accurate.

Where can it be used:

ClanTect MDT can be deployed at any type of location which requires the restricted entrance and/or exit of people and vehicles. The application and the objective is the same, i.e. the detection of hidden human presence in vehicles, however this can be applied to so many different markets and zones, buildings and areas, indoors or outdoors.

Border Control Crossings

Border Control check-points can be in very different places: Sea and River ports, Airports, Rail Terminals and on Land, i.e. roads and highways.

The flow of traffic can be immense, which creates additional logistical challenges with demands to increase the flow of people and goods and reduce traffic queues, all of which adds extra pressure to maintain high security against the concealment of illicit goods and illegal people.

Correctional Facilities

The threats relate to both the entry and exit of unauthorised personnel and prisoners.

Government Buildings

This can include almost every conceivable type of building, from historic palaces, modern seats of central government, local and regional municipal halls to high security defence establishments.

Military Bases

This can include both permanent buildings such as established and extensive air force bases, as well as munitions depots and small, but vital, temporary camps and outposts.

Strategic Industrial Complexes

The threats of espionage, sabotage and terrorism are becoming increasingly common-place in major industrial complexes. This can include Petro-Chemical complexes, Hi-Tech research centres, Hazardous Waste Sites, Nuclear Power plants, Hydro-Electric Power stations and dams, as well as Mines and Quarries.

Commercial Zones

Major commercial hubs, such as free-trade zones and distribution and warehousing centres, are also now coming under increased threat. The constant flow of goods and traffic creates added logistical challenges for maintaining robust security measures.


There are a multitude of other types of locations, which require protection. This can include residential compounds, particularly in alien and potentially hostile environments, hotels, high value storage facilities (e.g. bank vaults) and in temporary areas such as sealed-off contamination zones and restricted war zones.

Key Features:

High Accuracy

ClanTect uses advanced algorithms, signal processing and systems logic to eradicate any background interference (such as vibration from passing traffic). This ensures that the readings are interpreted correctly. So, even the faintest noise or vibration, emanating from the vehicle, will be detected, such as an agitated heartbeat or a deep breath. ClanTect’s highest performing accuracy has been validated by independent authorities.

Ruggedised Durable Equipment

Designed to be used in "harsh” outdoor conditions, e.g. encased in a protective metallic frame, and with MIL-Spec connectors.

Rapid Throughput Times

A complete "electronic test” of a vehicle can be completed in  approximately a minute. As a result, the daily operations of  border controls and gate stations, and particularly the traffic flows, are not adversely impacted.

Ease of Use and Operation

The sensors are quickly and easily attached to the exterior of the vehicle, and with no further operator intervention, the system automatically executes an "electronic search” of the vehicle. The Computer Terminal is menu-driven and intuitive, with very minimal data entry: it’s automated from Start to Finish.

Multi-Vehicle Format Configuration

The system can be utilised for different types of heavy goods vehicles: trucks, roll-on/roll-off containers, coaches, cement mixers, tankers, etc.

Automatic Data Capture and Update

The results of the electronic search are automatically captured and stored, i.e. no manual input nor intervention required. Quick & Simple and Ready for the next vehicle.

Vehicle Automated Number Plate Recognition

The number plates of all vehicles are automatically and instantly recorded on the system and stored with the results of the electronic search. This provides critical data for operational reports (vehicle tracking) and for auditing purposes.

ClanConnect: Remote Data Management & Communications Software

All ClanTect terminals can transfer data to and from head-office organisations via secure 4G networks, both nationally and internationally. This means a rapid and easy consolidation of up to date information into the head office host computers. It also enables the Head Office to access all ClanTect Terminals remotely, for operational support and diagnostics.

Multiple Vehicle Scanning

The ClanTect system can provide for multi-vehicle scanning from a single terminal, particularly useful for the larger transport inspection bays, which enables much faster traffic flows through these busy areas.

Multiple Language Capability

The system is available in most languages and is already deployed in multiple countries.

Sensor Health Check & Validation

The ClanTect system provides for an automated sensor health check, with built-in alarm and audit reports. This ensures that the sensors are functioning correctly, while highlighting any irregularities.

Sensor Testing Station (GTS) module

This is an additional terminal which manages the life-cycle of the ClanTect sensors and cable components to ensure optimum accuracy is maintained. This executes tests on the accuracy and throughput of the sensors, and provides management information data, highlighting any key performance issues.


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