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ClanTect are rolling out the latest multi-vehicle scanning version of their tried and tested, ClanTect MDT Human Presence Detection System (Heart-Beat Detector) at a major customer site in France.
This latest version is an important upgrade to their initial multi-vehicle system, which was first installed at a busy border location during 2017. By definition, the system enables multiple vehicles to be electronically searched at the same time using a single control terminal. This is particularly important at border and transit locations, where there are often large queues of traffic caused by vehicle inspection. By deploying ClanTect’s multi-vehicle systems, the search process can be sped up by a factor of 2, 4 or 6 (depending upon the number of traffic lanes). As a result traffic-waiting times are dramatically reduced. The multi-vehicle system also provides a significant saving to capital cost for the customer by reducing the number of systems needed to provide security in busy locations.
The difference between the new multi-vehicle system and the earlier version is that it incorporates wireless connectivity between the control terminal and the sensors. This provides a major simplification to operation and removes the considerable cable management and maintenance issues associated with any wired solution. Moreover the system includes an optional, highly sophisticated, health-monitoring module for the sensors that is also entirely wireless. This enables the clear identification of any early onset faults in the sensors and so ensures that optimal accuracy and system operation is continuously maintained.
In addition, the new system can be used with a control terminal that is either a workstation or a ruggedized and more mobile tablet. ClanTect are seeing a huge shift in popularity for the mobile devices as they provide far more flexibility for deployment as they can be easily moved to different locations and set up for operation within a couple of minutes. Furthermore, this system can be used effectively in outdoor environments, by utilising ClanTect’s proprietary ‘WindFrame’, which is able to effectively  ‘block’ out the vibration resulting from wind excitation thereby enabling accurate searches to continue to be undertaken.
The combination of Wireless sensing with the WindFrame and Multi-Vehicle Capability represents another significant stride forward for Human Presence Detection technology.
ClanTect’s systems are already deployed at border crossings, prisons and critical infrastructure sites around the world, including leading organisations such UK Border, Frontex and the UK HMPS. These deployments have already detected and stopped tens of thousands of clandestines and fugitives each year, with hundreds of lives being saved.

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