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ClanTect have announced the launch of their new Ultra Mobile Wireless Heartbeat Detection System
The “MDT Ultra Mobile” is the most lightweight and smallest tablet version of ClanTect’s next generation Human Presence Wireless Detection Systems (commonly known as heartbeat detectors).
The standard configuration of the Ultra Mobile System, including the ruggedised tablet and sensor only weighs 2kg. This system provides a quick, highly accurate, non-intrusive method of detecting hidden human presence in any type of road vehicle.
The Tablet includes a compact 8.1-inch TFT display, utilising a high speed Intel* Atom Processor x7-Z8750 1.6GHz, with burst up to 2.56GHz. The Tablet weighs 0.88Kg. It’s both super-fast and super-light and hence ideal for security and military personnel, who are on the move. The system can be set up for any vehicle search in approx. two minutes. So, it is genuinely ready for rapid deployment, for example by police officers alighting from a patrol car in a ‘Stop and Search’ operation, when pulling over a suspicious vehicle.
The Ultra Mobile also utilises a proprietary ground sensor. This is crucial for detecting and effectively removing ‘external’ ground vibrations (e.g., from passing traffic or road works). Professor Steve Daley, ClanTect’s Founder and Managing Director explains: “Unless a system is capable of isolating the external sound and vibration, which can occur in any busy roadside or open-air location, it is scientifically impossible to achieve an accurate reading. We designed our ground sensor to measure, isolate and then effectively ‘nullify’ the external vibration readings, so that we only measure the all-important ‘internal’ vibration, which is emanating from inside the vehicle. No other system has this capability”.
Equally important is that despite its light weight and small size, the Ultra Mobile System can be extended. For example, up to 8 Wireless Sensors can be connected, enabling multiple vehicles to be searched simultaneously. ClanTect’s WindFrame can also be wirelessly connected, which adds another key capability of being able to effectively search vehicles in windy outdoor environments……. another capability which is unique to ClanTect.
The Ultra Mobile fits alongside ClanTect’s other mid-size Ruggedised MDT Tablet as well as it’s static Ruggedised Workstations. Professor Steve Daley further explains: “Mobility and Rapid Deployment and Redeployment are becoming increasingly important factors for security professionals. There is increasing demand for our devices by Police Forces and Military Personnel, as well as by Border Guard agencies and Prison Services authorities. We have been able to maintain the highest degree of accuracy, while reducing the form factor and weight of our devices”. Professor Daley added: “We are continuing to push the boundaries of what the ClanTect MDT range of systems can do, and you’ll see further exciting developments released shortly”.

For more information contact:
Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom
Tel:     +44 (0) 23 8055 0883



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