April 2022

WSi News 26th April 2022

Ukraine – “After them there is a complete disaster” It is now clear that Russian forces have withdrawn from areas in the northwest [more]

March 2022

WSi News 31st March 2022

Empowering Bomb Squads with DIY Innovations It takes a special kind of person to be a bomb technician—someone who is brave, disciplined, determ[more]

WSi News 21st March 2022

The changing face of cyberattacks on OT environments By Rochelle Fleming, COO of Sapien Cyber Cybersecurity awareness has largely Increased In recen[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 21st March 2022

Tracing the Path of Pathogens after Rain If a large-scale contamination with a biological agent took place near a major coastal city, it would impact[more]

February 2022

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 2nd February 2022

Robot Dogs Take Another Step Towards Deployment at the Border The American Southwest is a region that blends a harsh landscape, temperature extremes [more]

November 2021

WSi News 4th November 2021

Urgent need for EU and NATO to be better prepared for legal threats, new study shows   There is an urgent need for EU and NATO members to be be[more]

October 2021

WSi News 28th October 2021

Terrorism, Corporate Security, Duty of Care and X-Ray Technology The recent spate of postal bombs sent to food firms in Germany is a reminder, if one[more]

August 2021

WSi News 27th August 2021

How the government can prepare for connectivity outages in a post-pandemic world By Ari Schuler Although COVID-19 has kept many people home and stay[more]


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