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Currently ODSecurity are at Milipol PARIS exhibiting their total contraband detection capability including Soter RS full body scanner, THEIA automatic threat recognition software and Central Database.

You can find OD in Hall 4 – Stand A023
Milipol, Paris
14 – 17 November 2023

Soter RS full body scanner, combines ultra-low radiation with maximum visibility, making it extraordinarily safe and efficient. The Soter can literally find anything that is either concealed inside or concealed on a person. It can detect anything within just 10 seconds, even non-metallic objects hidden under clothes, in natural cavities or within the human body. Previously these non-detectable items such as narcotics, explosives, precious stones, plastic weapons, or other contraband, could only be detected by using highly intrusive total body searches.

THEIA uses complex Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software, to automatically highlight and identifies anomalies in scan images.  THEIA is driven by machine learning algorithms. It has been trained on large collections of “negative” body scan images, i.e., images that are free of any contraband. These scans have taught THEIA what a negative scan should look like, and it has learnt therefore to recognise anything that should not be part of a full body scan and highlight the anomaly to the operator. The symbiotic relationship between the operators and THEIA reduces operator error and improves overall safety within our prisons and custodial estates.

After the Soter and THEIA have made a scan, the Central Database captures all the data, (be that an inmate, visitor, lawyer, or staff themselves), it will synchronize with previous data from previous scans, including those from other linked units, or establishments.  This information is then accessible from all facilities that have a Soter RS Body Scanner in operation, in different locations, allowing data records to be shared from facility to facility. It allows staff in different locations to see the images taken in one establishment and compare it to another taken in a different location in a different time period. 

Joost Deutekom said “The first day at Milipol has been a fantastic start for ODSecurity, meeting new business partners, and old friends and we are looking forward to sharing information and innovation in the coming days! If you are visiting Milipol come and talk to us. If you cannot, contact us, and we will arrange for a demonstration online, or put you in touch with one of our global agents.”

For more information contact:
Poolsterweg 4
8938 AN Leeuwarden
Tel:     +31 (0)88 457 05 80
Fax:     +31 58 298 87 68



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