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August 2019

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience, Europe 5th August 2019

Operational Planning in CI - Only by properly recognising and measuring day to day as well as long term risks, are we able to properly implement [more]

World Border Security Congress 1st August 2019

The Hellenic Coast Guard has put into trial operation a Tethered Aerostat, after successfully testing it at the Greek island of Samos last Thursday, w[more]

July 2019

World Security Report 26th July 2019

1st Detect Corporation launches the TRACER 1000, the world’s first European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) certified desktop mass spectrometer[more]

World Border Security Congress 26th July 2019

Balkan cartel trafficking cocaine around the globe in private planes busted   Operation Familia coordinated by the US DEA and Europol has seen [more]

World Security Report 26th July 2019

Drone Aviation Delivers on $1.1 Million WASP Lite Contract for US Army Drone Aviation has announced that it has completed a U.S. Army safety and perf[more]

World Border Security Congress 25th July 2019

IDEMIA supports airport development in Singapore with its secure automated border control solution: the system is now running at the country’s b[more]

Thales 25th July 2019

Thales Joins Forces with Micro-X, One of Australia’s Most Innovative Start-ups, To Revolutionize Airport Checkpoint Technologies From airport c[more]

World Security Report 25th July 2019

Quantum Xchange, provider of the first quantum key distribution (QKD) network in the US and ID Quantique, the world leader in quantum-safe security so[more]

World Security Report 24th July 2019

Veridos delivers more than 74 million Mexican Voter ID cards - Veridos has announced the acquisition of a major contract with a long-standing customer[more]

World Security Report 24th July 2019

Bosch and Droneshield Partner in the Counterdrone Space - Bosch Security and Safety Systems provides a range of surveillance solutions globally, and l[more]

World Border Security Congress 23rd July 2019

The Council of the European Union has extended the Mandate of the EU Border Assistance Mission for the Rafah Crossing Point (EUBAM Rafah), as well as [more]

World Security Report 23rd July 2019

Schiebel Camcopter® S-100 to Perform Coast Guard Services for European Maritime Safety Agency in The Republic of Croatia The Maritime Safety Dire[more]

World Security Report 23rd July 2019

Minsait Enhances Protection Against Online Fraud Minsait, an Indra company, has developed Onesait Behavior Fraud, a state-of-the-art cybersecurity s[more]

ODSecurity 22nd July 2019

South Carolina Department Of Corrections Installs 18 Soter RS\ Body Scanners In Their Facilities ODSECURITY and ODSECURITY North America have recentl[more]

World Security Report 22nd July 2019

Cyber strategy update shows how UK intelligence is thwarting attack The NCSC's Active Cyber Defence report for 2019 has been published. A scam to d[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 19th July 2019

DHS S&T Announces $35M Funding Opportunity for New Center of Excellence in Terrorism Prevention and Counterterrorism Research The Department of H[more]

World Security Report 19th July 2019

Do criminals dream of electric sheep: how technology shapes the future of crime and law enforcement New report triggers discussion about innovation a[more]

World Security Report 16th July 2019

Rigaku Analytical Devices have announced the demonstration of their new integrated next generation alarm resolution and chemical analysis solution wit[more]

World Border Security Congress 15th July 2019

Border Threat Detection – The Path to Artificial Intelligence By Paul Hollingshead, Regional Director at Rapiscan Systems | AS&E TAs globa[more]

World Border Security Congress 15th July 2019

CALL FOR PAPERS - The World Border Security Congress Abstract Submittal Deadline – 19th July 2019 Click here to submit your abstract >> [more]

World Border Security Congress 12th July 2019

Leonardo’s Falco EVO drone is used to monitor irregular migration during Frontex operation   Leonardo’s Falco EVO tactical remotely[more]

World Security Report 11th July 2019

A recent report in the Jerusalem Post claims that scuba units will play "very important role" in any future conflict between the Palestinians and Isra[more]

World Border Security Congress 11th July 2019

Parallel investigations bring down sexual exploitation network and freeze criminal profits in 12 countiesOnline sex trafficking ring active in Finland[more]

World Border Security Congress 11th July 2019

Wildlife trafficking: organized crime hit hard by joint INTERPOL-WCO global enforcement operation A joint worldwide customs and police operation has [more]

World Security Report 11th July 2019

The use of mobile technologies, across the globe by the ‘security’ industry, has evolved immensely over the years -However, within the IT [more]

World Security Report 10th July 2019

Terrorism ‘spreading and destabilizing’ entire regions, Guterres warns States, at key Kenya conference Speaking in Nairobi at the opening[more]

World Security Report 8th July 2019

Underwater intruder detection technology from maritime security specialist Sonardyne International Ltd has been chosen to secure the coastal perimeter[more]

World Security Report 8th July 2019

Indra Works to Cyberprotect The European Digital Economy Within Sparta Project Indra is working on the T-Shark research program, which is part of the[more]

World Security Report 5th July 2019

You might soon be travelling without a passport – this is how   The future of air travel is… paperless. Or will be, under an initi[more]

U.S Department of Homeland Security (S&T) 5th July 2019

S&T NUSTL Supports First Responder Radiological Preparedness A radiological dispersal device (RDD), or “dirty bomb,” detonation in a [more]

World Security Report 4th July 2019

Two-thirds of global drug deaths now from opioids: UN drugs report   The study from the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), also shows that t[more]

World Security Report 3rd July 2019

Elbit Systems Subsidiary Selected to Supply a Cyber Intelligence System to the Dutch National Police   Following an extensive and competitive e[more]

World Border Security Congress 3rd July 2019

United States Signs Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement with Tunisia The United States signed a Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement (CMAA) w[more]

World Border Security Congress 2nd July 2019

New task force at Europol to target the most dangerous criminal groups involved in human trafficking and migrant smuggling   On 2 July, the Joi[more]

Thales 2nd July 2019

Thales joins forces with Micro-X one of Australia’s most innovative startups, to revolutionize airport checkpoint technologies   From air[more]

World Border Security Congress 1st July 2019

ICE Homeland Security Investigations announces results of international operation targeting weapons traffickers   Matthew T. Albence, deputy di[more]

MARSS 1st July 2019

MARSS installs NiDAR perimeter security and drone detection system onboard 100m+ superyacht   MARSS has completed the installation of its NiDAR[more]

World Border Security Congress 1st July 2019

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Seizes over 17.5 Tons of Cocaine in Philadelphia   A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Immigratio[more]

World Security Report 1st July 2019

New contracts for D3S nuclear detection platform in the UK, US and Europe   Kromek awarded new contracts for D3S nuclear detection platform in [more]

June 2019

World Security Report 28th June 2019

New EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report describes terrorist incidents and activities on European soil - In 2018, terrorism continued to represent[more]

World Security Report 27th June 2019

From video surveillance to real-time video analytics – today’s solution to prevent and solve future incidents?    In some coun[more]

World Security Report 27th June 2019

PureTech Systems has announced it has been awarded a multiple site contract for the deployment of its PureActiv Geospatial Video Analytics and Sensor [more]

World Security Report 26th June 2019

Crew Kidnapped By Armed Pirates Posted on June 25, 2019 by maritimesafetyandsecurity The International Chamber of Commerce, Com[more]

World Security Report 26th June 2019

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) has announced that a Texas movie theater company has installed the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System in [more]

World Security Report 26th June 2019

Elbit Systems has been awarded an approximately $26 million contract from the United States Customs and Border Protection to install an Integrated Fix[more]

World Security Report 25th June 2019

Innovative Travel Solutions (ITS) by Vancouver International Airport announced the implementation of four BorderXpress kiosks at Keflavik Internationa[more]

World Security Report 25th June 2019

The high-performance Predator Ultra HD PTZ video surveillance camera from UK CCTV manufacturer, 360 Vision Technology, has entered service at the Nati[more]

World Security Report 21st June 2019

Cargo screening technology to be deployed by Smiths Detection at the mega Tema Port Expansion in Ghana   Smiths Detection has won a contract wi[more]

World Security Report 21st June 2019

NEC Corporation has announced the successful conclusion of fingerprint identification technology trials with newborn children in Kenya, whic[more]

World Security Report 20th June 2019

Spanish National Police have disrupted a criminal organisation which was financing Al Qaeda terrorist militiasOn Tuesday 18 June, the Spanish Nat[more]

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