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Two neo-Nazis arrested in possession of explosive device

The two 20-year-olds from the province of Latina
 arrested this morning by the State Police were ready to "take action". The suspects are charged with the crimes of manufacturing and possession of explosive material, serious threat against members of the State Police, propaganda and incitement to crime for reasons of racial, ethnic and religious discrimination; moreover, the two had disseminated ideas based on the superiority of the members of movements ideologically inspired by Nazism and Fascism.

The investigation began at the end of September last year, after a leaflet with threatening content was placed on a State Police service car, parked outside the Terracina (Latina) police station, depicting a photomontage with a hooded person in the act of cutting the throat of a uniformed policeman. The flyer reported the words "Slaughter Pigs" or "slaughter pigs" and disturbing esoteric symbols attributable to a US terrorist association called "AtomWaffen Division" promoter of Nazi-fascist and discriminatory ideologies.

In the course of the investigations by the police of the Terracina police station and the Latina Digos, the two young people who had materially placed the leaflets and for whom the Court had ordered house searches were identified.

During the searches, both were confiscated various edged weapons and various neo-Nazi propaganda material; in addition, a potentially very dangerous homemade device was also found at the home of one of the two. From the investigative activity it emerged that the two boys distributed the flyers in various public spaces, in particular in the parks frequented by adolescents with the aim of promoting their initiatives and gathering support for a Nazi-fascist group with a violent vocation that they wanted to set up.

The analysis of the computer systems seized during the searches gave the investigators certain proof of the criminal intentions of the two boys.

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