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‘Complete CSI Tool’ combines UV-Vis-IR camera with 55x wavebands of illumination to detect and capture forensic evidence
Foster+Freeman have introduced the Crime-lite AUTO, an all-in-one evidence detection and imaging solution for the crime scene and forensic laboratory.
Similar in size and appearance to a high-end Digital SLR Camera, the Crime-lite AUTO incorporates a complete multi-spectral evidence search kit (including light sources, filters, and high-sensitivity digital camera) into a single handheld device for the detection and photography of evidence.
Operated via a large integral touchscreen display with live video and hi-res image capture, the Crime-lite AUTO provides fluorescence and IR imaging modes and includes ‘intelligent’ filter selection to ensure that no item of evidence goes unseen.
Improving on Existing Methods
Today, it is common practice for investigators to search a crime scene using a selection of individual narrowband light sources, switching between multiple pairs of filter goggles to reveal evidence. The scene and surrounding area must then be photographed before evidence is collected and returned to the lab for further processing.
The Crime-lite AUTO improves upon the existing method by enabling examiners to search for traces of evidence using 55x wavebands of UV, Visible and Infrared illumination, before capturing a second multi-spectral layer of photography to document evidence that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
Detect the Presence of Evidence 
Performing real-time visible, fluorescent, and infrared examinations, the Crime-lite AUTO can quickly reveal the presence of evidence including body fluids (semen, saliva, sweat etc.), fingerprints, fragments of bone and tooth, hair, and suspect fibres, etc
Optimised for mobile use, to be operated by examiners in full CSI-PPE kit, the compact device further improves the evidence workflow and increases the efficiency of examinations, by allowing video and images to be stored internally or exported to an external device for immediate digital transfer to the forensic laboratory.
Exceptional Quality
A complete evidence search and capture kit, the Crime-lite AUTO is a product of exceptional quality and the first in a new class of handheld forensic imaging systems.

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