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Watch the recording of Smart, Secured Grids Need Smart, Secured Time - The criticality of GPS/GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks is now available to watch
As the reliance on GPS/GNSS continues to grow for all aspects of PNT (Position, Navigation, Timing), so do the amount and sophistication of jamming and spoofing attacks. Cyber terrorists using low-tech jammers and open source software can easily deploy spoofers that deliver a bogus GPS/GNSS signal, attacking and crippling mission critical equipment or a critical infrastructure relying on GPS/GNSS timing such as a power station, a telecoms network or a financial institute. 
In this Interactive Webinar we will discuss and learn: 
• The basics of GPS/GNSS and show documented examples of jamming and spoofing. 
• Discuss why the criticality of GPS/GNSS has increased in modern smart grids and electricity supply infrastructure. 
• Present real-life examples of cyber attacks on Critical Infrastructures and different ways to counter such attacks. 
• Show cost effective solutions that ensure continuous un-interrupted operation of critical infrastructures, even in a GPS/GNSS denied environment.

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