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The WCO and the ICCE - the Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe Middle East and Africa - are to host a joint Press Event* on 10 May 2006 marking the anti-counterfeiting initiative between the two organisations.

The ICCE and its members have agreed to share enforcement information with the WCO in an effort to improve the targeting of counterfeit imaging supplies by Customs administrations across the globe.

Michel Danet, the WCO Secretary General, said: "Stopping counterfeiting and piracy requires collective action; the public-private partnership embodied by the WCO/ICCE initiative is but another step that will deal a damaging blow to economic criminality, the plague of the 21st century�.

Arlene McCarthy, a Member of the European Parliament who is well known for her invaluable contribution to the evolution and strengthening of intellectual property rights, will speak at the event. Other speakers of note include: Phil Scrase (OKI Europe Vice-President and ICCE Chairman), Michael Schmitz (WCO Director of Compliance and Facilitation), John Pulford (Head of Unit, Taxud, European Commission), and Jag Gill (ICCE Director).

The event will be held at WCO Headquarters (Brussels) from 10H30-12H30 and will be followed by a buffet lunch to facilitate contacts between participants.

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