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Smiths Detection wins five year Department of Defense contract to provide Chemical Biological Protective Shelters

Multi-million Dollar Revenues Expected from CBPS-M3, Designed to Provide Contamination Free, Environmentally Controlled Working Area for Medical, Combat Services and Combat Service Support Personnel

Edgewood, MD., 25 April 2006 - Smiths Detection, a world leading provider of chemical, biological and explosives detectors, and X-ray security screening equipment, today announced its Military unit has been awarded a contract to build Chemical Biological Protective Shelters, Model 3 (CBPS-M3) for the Department of Defense. CBPS-M3 is a highly mobile, self contained collective protection system that provides a contamination free, environmentally controlled working area for medical, combat services, and combat service support personnel to work freely without continuously wearing chemical-biological protective clothing.

An initial contract has been received from U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command Rock Island, valued at more than $10 million, that includes delivery of 21 systems, along with an initial test program. Annual revenue expectations are around $25 million for Smiths Detection dependant on Department of Defense budget approvals, with additional revenue expected for global defense markets. Over the 5-year contract period, the program has a contract ceiling of $333 million.

"These Chemical Biological Protective Shelters are unique systems integrating multiple levels of chemical-biological security in order to protect and equip committed U.S. troops," said Stephen Phipson, Group Managing Director Smiths Detection. "The CBPS program represents a large-scale U.S. military opportunity that adds significantly to Smiths Detection's expansion into integrated systems that combine sensors and technologies."

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