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Smiths Detection Launches Upgraded Explosive Detection Walk-Through Trace Portal

Integrated Design Significantly Reduces Operational Costs, Power Requirements and Site Modifications

PINE BROOK, N.J.-- Feb. 14, 2006--Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of trace detection and X-ray security screening equipment, today announced it will be introducing an optimized Sentinel II explosive detection walk-through trace portal with both detection and compressed-air supply incorporated into a single device.

By integrating the compressor and all other external peripherals, the security screening system's overall footprint is reduced enabling the limited airport security checkpoint space to be maximized. At 90 inches in height, the upgraded Sentinel II can be installed in any building with a standard eight-foot (8') ceiling - providing a significant deployment advantage.

The Sentinel II is widely deployed at airports, high-profile government buildings, customs checkpoints, nuclear facilities, prisons and court houses. Continuously tested and reviewed, improvements are based on real-world environments and the evolving needs of security screening checkpoints.

"Highly conscious of the balance between performance and ease of installation in airports and other points of critical infrastructure, Smiths Detection redesigned the Sentinel II more compactly to minimize space and maintenance requirements to reduce overall costs for the customer," said Mark Laustra, Vice President, Transportation Security Technology & Programs, Smiths Detection. "In addition to the reduced overall footprint, the new integrated version of the Sentinel II, continues to employ extremely precise sample collection which enables greatly enhanced explosives detection screening in airports such as JFK, BWI, Reagan and Dulles."

Additional Features of Sentinel II

* Increased ease of operation - no additional power lines required to reach power source
* Reduced power requirements and maintenance, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership
* With the integrated compressor, the effectiveness of the sample collection is not compromised

"Designed to detect explosives or narcotics, the Sentinel II is the ideal complement to Smiths Detection's systems already installed in airport security checkpoints, as well as other points of critical infrastructure," said Mark Laustra, "The Sentinel II, a proven next-generation technology, adds a critical layer in the effort to maintain a clean and safe environment."

Both earlier generations and the upgraded Sentinel II are primary security screening tools providing head-to-toe comprehensive screening without any additional secondary screening systems necessary - a key advantage for busy security screening checkpoints.

"Having the ability to screen individuals from head-to-toe without using a secondary system, will maintain our high throughput and ease passenger waiting time in an already time-sensitive environment, such as a busy airport," said Mark Laustra. "A one-step system reduces costs as well as space and power requirements."

Since early 2006, the Sentinel II has been exclusively deployed at all three major Washington D.C. metro-area airports, as well as Newark Liberty International and JFK International airports, to determine the systems capabilities and impact on terminal operations. Thirty Sentinel II systems are currently deployed in 13 major airports across the country including the most recent deployment at Sacramento International (SMF) Airport on January 19, 2006.

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