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Saab Simplifying Crisis Management for the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

Saab has received an order from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority (PTS) regarding the newly-developed information system Navet. In the event of a crisis, Navet provides government agencies with a situational overview of the status of broadband, fixed-line, and mobile telephone networks.

Navet was developed by Saab in Växjö, Sweden, to compile information about operational disruptions to broadband, fixed-line, and mobile telephone networks. The agreement with PTS means Saab will assume full responsibility for the administration and further development of Navet for a period of three years. 

"Owing to Saab's extensive experience and expertise in this area, we were able to develop Navet, which will function as a security-critical system for Sweden’s increasingly digitalised society," says Jessica Öberg, head of Saab business area Industrial Products and Services.

Disruptions to society caused by, for example, a major fire or storm, place considerable demands on swift, up-to-date, and reliable information about the situation in order for users of the system to make correct decisions. Users constitute the different entities involved in Swedish crisis management, such as government agencies, municipalities, county administrative boards, and private actors. All major telecommunications operators, as well as multiple municipal broadband deployments, are linked to Navet. The information is also automatically transmitted to several other situational overviews, such as the Swedish emergency service provider SOS Alarm's internet and app service

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