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The new CORE Cameras in the CORE line feature Wireless, High Definition, Digitally Encrypted Cameras and a touchscreen CORE Monitor.

The CORE system is completely modular and allows you to attach 4 different camera necks to 2 different base units and view video wirelessly on the CORE monitor.
The CORE line includes the following CORE Cameras:  CORE Pole Camera, CORE Under Door Camera, CORE Flex Camera, CORE Articulating Scope, CORE Grip, POLE Grip and CORE Monitor. All components are modular allowing the operator to build a custom CORE Camera system.
One of the most exciting features found in the CORE Pole Camera and the CORE Flex Camera is Thermal Fusion.
Thermal Fusion technology is made possible by two video sensors: a High-Definition 1280x720p monochrome CMOS sensor with excellent low-light sensitivity, and a FLIR longwave infrared (LWIR) thermal imager. Video from the High-Definition camera is used to produce a blended image of both sensors, delivering physical detail that surpasses what is available from a lone thermal imager. Objects and persons are clearly defined with color and outlines when the thermal fusion technology is used.

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