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Intelligent Building Evacuation Safety System and Crowd Management
The recent fires in Grenfell in London and elsewhere have highlighted a major problem for fire fighters ‒ they did not know how many people were on each floor of the building or even in the building as a whole. Firemen and other rescuers had to risk their lives looking for people where there were none while they missed others.
Traditional counting systems which are usually around 95% accurate are good for marketing statistics but are not sufficiently accurate to determine if there are people who need to be evacuated during an emergency. 
To address this need, iOmniscient offers its Building Evacuation Safety System. It can count with an accuracy of 99.9% and provide rescuers with the more accurate information they require to do their job well.
At major event how can the authorities get a better understanding on the size of the crowd and its movement? This is important so that they can deploy resources appropriately to protect and manage the crowd. The problem is exacerbated when sections of the crowd stops moving (because the majority of Video Analytics system still rely on some form of motion detection).
IOmniscientʼs Crowd Management system can count the number of people in the crowd even when parts of the crowd are stationary. The system can tell if the crowd disperses or concentrates suddenly. It can also understand if some parts of the crowd change direction.

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