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EL AL Airlines orders additional Smiths Detection CTX 5800 hold baggage explosives detection systems  
Smiths Detection has announced that EL AL Airlines has purchased 11 additional CTX 5800™ explosives detection systems (EDS) to screen hold baggage.  
EL AL Airlines, which procures and operates baggage screening equipment to complement local efforts, has previously deployed CTX 5800 to select global locations including airports in France, Germany, Thailand, the UK and the US. Scheduled for deployment in 2017, this order brings the total number of CTX 5800 operated by EL AL Airlines to approximately 30. 
Working with local partner, Hyper-Tech Advanced Systems since 1993, Smiths Detection has supplied EL AL Airlines with explosives screening solutions for almost 20 years. 
“A global leader in passenger safety and security, Smiths Detection is delighted that EL AL continues to recognize the detection and operational capabilities of CTX 5800," said Richard Siegwald, Director, Global EDS at Smiths Detection. “By combining field-tested explosives detection solutions with a global service footprint and rapid response capabilities, Smiths Detection offers all airports and airlines a reliable pathway to advanced hold baggage screening.”  
Designed to allow small- and mid-sized airports to plan for evolving threats and future expansion, CTX 5800 is certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration, Civil Aviation Administration of China, and Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and is approved by European Civil Aviation Conference as meeting EU Standard 3 requirements. 

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