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Smiths Detection presents Tadar - a new people screening system based on millimetre-wave technology - at Inter Airport Europe 2005

11 October 2005

New people screening system, Tadar, to passively detect a wide variety of weapons and illegal items concealed under a person's clothing

October 11, 2005, Munich, Germany - Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of x-ray and trace detection equipment, today unveiled its latest technological innovation for people screening applications called Tadar at the Inter Airport Europe show 2005. The new passive millimetre-wave based equipment is an advanced people screening system that will reveal multiple threat objects, such as weapons and
illegal items, both metallic and non-metallic, even if a person conceals them by layers of clothing. Tadar represents a major advance on metal screening arches and wands. The Tadar passive scanning approach uses the body's natural, non-ionising millimetre-wave energy to sense threat objects with no risk to the person inspected. It rapidly scans people and sends reflected signals into a high-speed image processing computer which produces high-resolution images in real-time. These images benefit from development by Smiths Heimann engineers, world leaders in x-ray imaging technology.

Tadar is part of the comprehensive security checkpoint solution concept being developed by Smiths Detection and perfectly complements other current products of its product portfolio, offering the widest range of security systems today.

Tadar can be used in a variety of public areas, such as airports, court houses, federal buildings, prisons, embassies, schools, sporting events, mass transit systems and nuclear sites to minimize delays and the inconvenience of physical searches that are often necessary to resolve ambiguous alarms.

The Tadar system on show in Munich is a pre-production prototype now undergoing extensive testing and customer evaluation. The machine is expected to enter full production early 2006 with airports worldwide already showing considerable interest in this exciting advance in aviation security.

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