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DFDS Transport safeguards customer goods with Milestone IP video surveillance

DFDS Transport keeps a sharp eye on their customers' goods with Axis network cameras and Milestone IP video surveillance software. Hundreds of truck drivers traffic the company's three sites in Denmark where the products are stored. Security is a top priority, so the number of cameras is growing - along with the customers' satisfaction.

The DFDS Transport headquarters cover 150,000 square meters in a suburb of Copenhagen where 11-12,000 shipments occur daily. Customers demand the highest security for their goods, but DFDS' old analog CCTV system could not archive recordings long enough, it sometimes crashed and data was lost. Hundreds of drivers traffic the area round the clock, which makes the surveillance even more critical should any lost or stolen goods need to be investigated. Proof of handling is also necessary for resolving supplier disputes.

Cost efficient use of analog cameras

The visionary DFDS management therefore decided to change their security strategy: the old analog DVR security system was replaced with a network-based system using Milestone XProtect Enterprise software and a mix of their existing analog cameras operating via Axis video servers, as well as new Axis IP cameras.

"All customers - and ourselves as well - scream for a user interface where you can gather your security information to give an overview of all your buildings at once. Milestone is that solution!� declares Christian Larsen, Technical Director from Plahn Systems, who have installed the solution together with EET Nordic.

Advantages with the new system

With Milestone XProtect Enterprise software, DFDS has a flexible and user-friendly network-based system that easily and quickly can be used to follow the progress of goods and activities in all their locations. The new security system functions also as prevention, since most of the drivers are aware that cameras are monitoring around the clock.

"It is absolutely the way of the future!� concludes Finn Nielsen, Technical Manager at DFDS Transport. "We can just as well ensure systems that are so good that the weaker souls cannot be tempted!�

Misbehavior unfortunately does occur, however, where people are tempted anyway, but the work to resolve such issues is now much easier with the IP network system. Recognition of incidences has been optimized and all angles of the large areas are covered by the cameras' clear images.

One of the biggest advantages with the IP network approach according to Finn is the enormous flexibility possible for tailoring the system to individual customer needs.

"If we get some very expensive products coming into storage for several days, it is easy to add some cameras and just plug them into network connections. We can simply set them up then take them down again later; that would have been a nightmare with the old coax cables,� Finn confirms.

DFDS Transport is on the leading edge when it comes to high technology solutions because they believe it is an important competitive parameter in the transport and logistics industry. Their new IP video surveillance system is therefore a natural step on that path, from which their customers now benefit.

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