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Thales is Digitalising its Customers' Critical Communications

Thales is launching its consultation offer for infrastructure networks, the heart of telecommunications networks, to states and companies (intervention forces, industrial organisations and Essential Operators in France). In a fast-changing technology environment, Thales assists its customers by ensuring the performance, security and resilience of their critical communications services.

In the era of connected technologies (cloud computing and Internet of things), transforming communications networks is one of the prerequisites for modernizing states' and companies' critical infrastructures. These processes must take into account constantly-evolving threats (natural disasters, terrorism, industrial espionage, cyberattacks, etc.) that may affect their operation.

With its new consultation offer, Thales is working alongside its customers who are responsible for ensuring their territory's strategic infrastructures are in good working order, to strengthen the resilience and security of critical communications. The Group assists them in guaranteeing the performance of these services, whatever their operational limitations may be.

"With proven ability as a critical networks operator and integrator, Thales has unrivalled experience with the security and resilience of telecommunications networks. Today, we are offering this expertise to critical operators to assist them in the transformation of their communications systems in order to improve performance, security and resilience. "
Jean Claude Schmitt, Vice President in charge of Network and Infrastructure Systems

Thales is offering its customers a consulting solution that is based on three pillars:

Assistance with the digitalisation of critical communications systems through the migration of technologies that are becoming obsolete to user-friendly modern and scalable solutions, such as IP[1] and cloud migration, virtual machines, etc.

Suggestion of changes required to guarantee security. In other words, the ability to ensure continuity of service under all circumstances, as well as the cybersecurity of critical networks.

Optimization of operational processes and organisation to improve operational efficiency.

Thales has developed a modular offer with a large range of services, from targeted assessment to complete assistance with the development and implementation of change plans.

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