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Latest in Contraband Detection Kits

SASRAD of Miramar, Florida announce the update & reconfiguration of their well-known Contraband Enforcement Kit ( CEK). In addition to the wide range of small tools and accessories that are always required by interdiction officers, the kit contains the updated Xpose density meter which is now MIL SPEC 810G /Blue tooth connected to a Tablet for display of the graph and full control of all the features plus water resistance, in addition to having minimal radiation licensing requirements when compared to competitors.

The CEK kit offers a selection of optical viewing devices, ranging from the standard field repairable fiberscope to a choice of field repairable Videoscopes - from the basic Readyscope to the more sophisticated NEOTERIC Videoscope with no-tools-required interchangeable pods permitting the operator to swap out diameters, lengths and even select non-conductive or infra-red probes. The kits also contain the QK7 belt worn mini tool kit. The CEK kits have been sold widely in the USA and overseas including over 100 kits to US Government end users such as State Department - Defense Logistics Agency - DEA - ICE/DHS etc.

SASRAD had been in business for over 50 years, concentrating on hand held detection equipment for the past 30 years. In addition to the supply of equipment SASRAD offers training in use of this equipment by experienced police/custom officers with extensive background in interdiction.

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