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J&S Franklin have announced further orders for their core protective DefenCell Barrier products.

Supplied to various NGOs, the three orders worth over 2.7m USD include over 25,000 DefenCell Ranger units and will be deployed in Central Africa for general protection and security applications.

DefenCell Ranger is the smallest and lightest DefenCell product weighing just 1.6kg but once filled in a few minutes is the equivalent of over 40 sandbags and will protect against 0.50cal and mortar ammunition.

Following on from last year's order for over 20,000 Ranger units for a GCC military customer, this order emphasises the practical and versatile uses for the man-portable Ranger unit as a building block for a wide range of protective structures.

DefenCell Barriers are a lightweight perimeter and force protection defence system that offer an easily deployable solution for expeditionary operations, which can be filled using locally available material, (sand, dirt, rocks).

DefenCell Barriers are up to ten times lighter and five times more compact than gabions, so use less supply chain resources and are more effectively deployed to forward positions. As all components are lightweight, man portable, and with modular packaging, it also offers considerable savings to logistics, storage and transportation costs.

DefenCell Barriers and MAC provide versatility in a variety of Military Engineering roles, from force protection in operational environments such as Afghanistan, to protecting critical infrastructure from VBIED's in the UK, to emergency disaster relief such as the flooding in Kentucky, USA.

One 20 foot military container of DefenCell can be used to construct one 100 man forward operating base with walls over 2.50m high and 600m perimeter (150m long x 150m wide). A single pallet of DefenCell weighs less than 350kg, providing sufficient units to build a 2 metre high wall more than 40metres long.

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