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Axis introduces video analytics with reliable, easy to install AXIS Guard Suite for enhanced video surveillance efficiency

Axis announces AXIS Guard Suite, a series of robust video analytics applications that quickly turn Axis network cameras into smart security systems, allowing a more pro-active approach to video surveillance. The offering targets small and medium-sized installations with an easy to install and affordable solution for efficient surveillance that is well suited for commercial, industrial and public grounds, buildings, and indoor areas.

Axis Communications, the market leader in network video, introduces AXIS Guard Suite of video analytics applications, expanding its portfolio for video surveillance solutions with an easy to install and affordably priced video analytics offering. The applications, available for various monitoring needs, complement Axis' range of network camera solutions and are easily integrated with AXIS Camera Station - a proven video management system (VMS) optimised for Axis' network video products.

"With AXIS Guard Suite you can enhance the video surveillance capabilities of network cameras and turn them into even more powerful devices. Now also small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from efficient detection capabilities, resulting in fewer false alarms and missed incidents along with more effective investigative features. AXIS Guard Suite is an ideal cost-efficient and reliable add-on that will enable our customers to ensure safer and better protected premises and assets," said Peter Friberg, ‎Director Solution Management, Axis Communications.

AXIS Guard Suite now offers a reliable solution for use in low-traffic areas such as after-hour monitoring of retail shops and offices, parking lots and other unattended areas where reliable motion detection is needed. In addition, other video motion detection features are available through Axis' application development partners that provide a broad range of video analytics that work with Axis network video products.

AXIS Guard Suite provides robust detection as video analysis is performed directly on the camera's uncompressed video stream, and supported by AXIS False Alarm Filtering technology for high reliability.

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