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New contract wins for Kelvin Hughes highlight full versatility of its SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV security radar

Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and security surveillance systems, today announces that it has a number of recent wins, including new contracts for the supply of security systems based on its SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV radar. A lightweight version of the company's X-band Long Range SharpEyeâ„¢ radar, the SxV features the same solid state transceiver technology and offers the same ability to detect small, slow moving targets even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Border surveillance in Kenya
SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV radars and CxEyeâ„¢ display and interface software licences have been procured by C4 Planning Solutions LLC, of Blythe, Georgia, USA for the supply of ground surveillance radar and training to the Kenyan Defence Forces in Nairobi. The systems will be deployed for border surveillance and defence against illegal border movements, trafficking and terrorist activities. SxV radar is the latest innovation from Kelvin Hughes. A lightweight X-band solid state radar, it is capable of being man portable and provides 360 degree coverage in all weather conditions.

EEZ protection in the Adriatic Sea
Working with Italian partners A.ST.I.M. S.r.l. and Fabio Fiorucci S.r.l, Kelvin Hughes is supplying SharpEye™ SxV radars to provide complete surveillance coverage of the Goro lagoon, located about 80 kilometres northeast of Bologna in the Adriatic Sea. Known for its €multi-million clam farming operations, the lagoon is an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) requiring protection from poachers, illegal harvesting and other operations that threaten the habitat of the clams.
Located on the shore and providing 360 degree coverage of the entire lagoon, the radar is combined with electro optic cameras and controlled and monitored from a local control room using an A.ST.I.M. developed operator platform that utilises the Kelvin Hughes CxEyeâ„¢ software.

A similar SxV system has been in operation with the Maryland Natural Resources Police in the US since last year. Used to monitor oyster sanctuary waters in Chesapeake Bay, the system made possible the arrest of two poachers within days of it being implemented. SxV radar provides a highly cost effective wide area surveillance capability.

Perimeter surveillance at Belgrade airport
Kelvin Hughes has recently been contracted by Macchina Group to supply a number of SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV radars for the protection of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. The radars will be supplied as part of the Kelvin Hughes' Single Mast Solution (SMS) which comprises of integrated radar and electro optical cameras, mounted on Kelvin Hughes' latest Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) through shaft module, the TMU. The units will be controlled by Kelvin Hughes' CxEyeâ„¢ software, enabling integration of the feeds from multiple sensors providing slew to cue functionality to detect track and identify targets.

Belgrade Nikola Tesla is the second fastest growing major airport in Europe and surrounded by open farmland of different types of terrain to an extent of some 5 km, presenting a distinct set of security challenges. By placing the radar and camera systems at key locations around the airport's 5km long and 1.5 km wide perimeter, the system will provide 360 degree detection coverage, operating autonomously 24 hours a day in the harshest of weather conditions.

Mobile Security in Saudi Arabia
Kelvin Hughes has recently been awarded a contract to supply a number of its SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV radars and SMS units for an undisclosed application in Saudi Arabia. The units will be deployed on mobile security platforms.

Jonathan Field, Kelvin Hughes' Director Security Sensors and Systems, commented: "These recent contract wins demonstrate the full versatility of our SharpEyeâ„¢ SxV security system - whether carried in a back pack by soldiers, located on the shore of an EEZ, sited on the perimeter of an airport or deployed on a mobile security platform, Kelvin Hughes security radar is the best detection system available today."

On its stand at DSEI 2015, S4-110, Kelvin Hughes is currently demonstrating a working integrated multi-node radar and camera sensor security system, showing how different nodes can feed into a control room and provide real time situational awareness from multiple locations for the management of different threats.

In addition, in the Land Static Display, Kelvin Hughes will be demonstrating its SMS unit, comprising a mobile, integrated, mast-mounted radar and electro optical camera system, together with CxEyeâ„¢ display and interface software, on a Land Rover surveillance vehicle provided by DJ Byers Security Solutions.

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