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Lockheed Martin Selected To Secure All Western Region Airports & Ports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has selected Lockheed Martin for the Transportation Security Equipment Deployment Services (TEDS) contract for all TSA deployments of security capabilities in the Western Region. These projects will deploy checkpoint technologies for passenger, carry-on and checked baggage screenings to protect passengers and facilitate commerce.

Under the TEDS contract, Lockheed Martin will perform all tasks associated with the deployment of security technology equipment at airports, ports, terminals, cargo facilities and other locations within the Western Region of the United States, spanning from Alaska to Hawaii, as far west as Guam and as far east as Colorado. The period of performance is July 2015 through July 2020 and is part of an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with a $450 million ceiling for work across the three U.S. geographic regions (Western, Central, Eastern).

"Protecting the nation's transportation systems to ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce is at the core of the TSA's mission, and ours," said Scott Gray, vice president of IT & Security Solutions, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Lockheed Martin. "We have a strong history of providing critical security services and capabilities for the TSA and look forward to continuing this successful partnership."

TEDS directly supports TSA's Office of Security Capabilities (OSC). OSC is responsible for the deployment of Transportation Security Equipment to ensure: new technologies are deployed as they become available based on a risk based model; old technologies are removed from service when they are at the end of their life cycle; and systems are relocated as necessary to meet security or agency needs.

Lockheed Martin has been a partner of the TSA since 2002's Strategic Airport Security Rollout program. Lockheed Martin was honored to receive TSA's first Corporate Partnership Award in 2003 and TSA's Los Angeles Airport Partnership Award in 2006. Since 2010 the Lockheed Martin team has been performing on the Security Equipment Systems Integration contract, the predecessor to TEDS. Lockheed Martin's partners on TEDS include large business partners Parsons, Beltmann Integrated Logistics, and Faithful and Gould as well as small business partners K2 Consulting, Swanson Rink, Main Sail, CAGE, Cherokee Nation, DSCI and Spider Integration Group.

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