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Elbit Systems' Innovative System to Monitor Israel's Mekorot Pipeline to Prevent Sabotage and Water Theft

Elbit Systems will install along the pipeline of Israel's national water company, Mekorot, a unique system for detecting and providing alerts against threats and sabotage.

The system, I-PASS (Integrated Perimeter Access Security Systems), developed by Elbit Security Systems Ltd. (ELSEC), was designed to locate and provide alerts against a variety of threats such as: sabotage to the pipeline, theft of water, accidental damage caused by work carried out next to the pipeline and other potential hazards. The system also enables detection of occurrences taking place at the area surrounding the pipeline: including pedestrians, vehicles,
digging and other activities.

I-Pass uses a standard optic fiber deployed next to the pipeline and a unique technology that transforms the fiber into a powerful sensor. The sensor is virtually undetectable and unaffected by adverse weather conditions, a significant advantage for security applications.

Through ELSEC's Rotundus command and control system, the alert is transferred and the data is analyzed and adapted to the customer's needs. The alert data is classified either as a threat or as a false alarm. A threat will then be posted on a digital map and an on-site camera will automatically be directed to the location. Rotundus enables managing the incidents starting with detection, dissemination of the alert to the response teams and directing them to the site in order to prevent damage to the water line. Rotundus also supports automated management of the event log and creation of a post-event debriefing file.

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