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Deloitte and Exelon have announced their collaboration to protect the reliability of the Bulk Electric System with the implementation of the North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Version 5 standards.

Cybersecurity is constantly evolving and regulatory requirements periodically adjust to update standards for security measures. The NERC CIP Standards are part of the utility industry's regulatory requirements designed to promote reliability of the Bulk Electric System, and are changing the way utilities address cyber security controls.

"Exelon's leadership in critical infrastructure protection is helping to improve the cybersecurity and reliability of its electric system," said Ed Powers, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, U.S. leader of cyber risk services. "While regulatory requirements are an important factor, business leaders should assess their risk environment to create a robust cyber risk program that goes beyond compliance. Exelon is doing just that with demonstrated collaboration among their executives, generation, utility and IT professionals driving innovation, and expanding their NERC CIP compliance activities to something that could generate business value."

"Exelon has a strong track record of delivering safe, reliable power to customers, and avoiding outages is one of our top priorities," said Mark Browning, CIO for Exelon Utilities. "Through this project, Exelon is building on those efforts by blending best practices in security, reliability and compliance to protect the Bulk Electric System and the customers we serve."

Together, Deloitte and Exelon are identifying ways to efficiently and effectively apply good security practices and meet regulatory obligations at the same time; and develop and deploy processes, procedures and controls that meet the objectives of NERC CIP v5 standards. Preparedness and preemptive measures give companies better ability to minimize the potential damages from a cyber incident. To be in step with today's threat environment, utilities are required to implement compliance programs and practice discipline around security controls.

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