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Milestone Video Software Helps Protect Icelandic Harbours

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is being used by Faxaports, The Associated Icelandic Ports, to optimize security, handling cargo and securing ships against immigrant stowaways.

Faxaports include Iceland's main ports for export and import, moving thousands of containers annually to and from international destinations. The majority of all goods imported to the country pass through Faxaports' harbors, and the number of ships are increasing every year.

With the growing traffic volume there is a heightened need to monitor the harbors to avoid accidents when loading and unloading the containers from the ships, and to deal with the growing problem of illegal immigrants using Iceland as a gateway to the United States.

Milestone Partner Security Center installed and implemented an efficient solution with Milestone XProtect® Enterprise VMS. This implementation of XProtect video management software manages a mix of 105 Sony, Vivotek and Hikvision cameras that are installed at all Faxaports' harbors for maximum security.

In addition to preventing illegal immigration, the video system secures the anchored ships against break-ins and vandalism. "Many of the piers are open to the public so everyone has access to the main harbor areas - vandals along with other people. That creates a need for good surveillance. With the huge number of people passing through the harbors, it can seem like an impossible task to have an overview of everything at the same time - but we made it possible with Milestone," states Hallur Árnason.

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