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Rafael has been selected by the Israeli government to head Israel's CERT (Computer emergency Response Team) program.

Rafael will serve as the prime contractor of the program, in cooperation with Israeli and global IT corporations - EMC, IBM, Matrix and Cisco. Together these companies will develop solutions designed to provide Israel's Cyber defense program with advanced security and defense capabilities for detection, monitoring and handling of cyber threats.

The program will combine a variety of IT infrastructures and advanced tools to assist civilian companies and government offices in their efforts to prevent and handle cyber attacks.

The team of companies headed by Rafael will combine proven Israeli and international experience and know-how, as well as state-of-the-art solutions and products.

Brigadier General (ret.), Ariel Karo, Head of Rafael's C4I and Cyber Directorate stated that the solutions to be provided by Rafael and its partners will comprise a significant contribution to Israel's effort to bolster Israel's defense against cyber threats. Karo added: "Our solution is conceptually unique, and is designed to analyze and suit the proper mode of operation to the most complex threats in the global cyber arena."

VADM (ret.), Yedidia Yaari, CEO and President of Rafael: "Rafael's selection by the Israeli government is a strategic development for the company. Rafael's is known for its technological legacy and successes with systems such as Iron Dome, Trophy and David's Sling. We are now ready to leverage our expertise in Cyber technology, together with our new partners, to lead Israel's battle against the ever-growing and changing cyber threats, as part of our vision to be a stern pillar in ensuring the security and defense of the State of Israel and its citizens."

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