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QinetiQ's major underwater countermeasures contract for new Norwegian Frigate Programme

QinetiQ has signed a contract worth over $5 million for the supply and ongoing support of its LOKI torpedo countermeasures to the Royal Norwegian Navy. These will form part of the Norwegian Navy's integrated torpedo defence suite on their new Fridtjof Nansen class frigates. QinetiQ is now actively seeking to exploit its torpedo countermeasures technology in the USA, through its US operation QinetiQ inc.

Steve Hendon, QinetiQ Product Manager for Surface Ship Torpedo Defence, said: "This is an important milestone in QinetiQ's product development. LOKI has been selected by the Norwegian Navy because of its acoustic performance, future proof design and ease with which it can be configured by the user. Supporting us in this are our key industrial partners, Chemring Countermeasures and J & S Marine. We believe the strategy of making use of truly world-leading intellectual property in partnership with established industry leaders is a winning one.�

LOKI is a maintenance-free expendable torpedo countermeasure designed as a defence mechanism against acoustic-homing torpedoes. It is one of a unique family of high performance, next generation underwater countermeasures that provide a layered defence capability for both surface ships and submarines.

LOKI is capable of operating in two modes:

- Jammer mode - permits the transmission of high-power pseudo random noise

- Confuser mode - counters the threat of active, narrow band sonar weapons.

LOKI is fully programmable and offers the benefits of threat-specific signal input via the external data port as well as the capability for future upgrading without recourse to the original equipment manufacturer. As a mortar-launched device LOKI is fully compatible with the Terma DL-12T launcher as well as all 130mm Mk36 launcher variants. LOKI can also be configured with rocket and pneumatic launch modules.

Surface Ship Torpedo Countermeasures form part of a new QinetiQ product family. Other recent QinetiQ sea technologies include its ‘Cerberus' swimmer detection sonar, Synthetic Aperture Sonar and OPTA - Fibreoptic Undersea and Land Surveillance networks.

To learn more about QinetiQ technologies visit Stand 72/73 at UTD Europe.

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