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NEC underwater communications system
Unlocking underwater battle space

Proteus, QinetiQ's network enabled multi-mode acoustic communications system, last month successfully completed a period of intense testing when embarked in a submarine in the western Atlantic. During the tests, the submarine command team successfully used Proteus to interact with various surface and submerged assets and Rapidly Deployable off-board Sensors (RDS) deployed on the sea-bed.

QinetiQ's Managing Director of Sea Systems, Ian Prescott, said: "Proteus provides enhanced communications to both underwater and surface vessels across the full spectrum of environmental acoustic conditions. Just like its Greek God namesake, it can change shape at will to adapt to different and environmentally difficult acoustic channels.�

Proteus interfaces to existing outboard sensors, so installation and ship fitting costs are minimised. It has a range of operating modes including text, data and voice and provides an operator with a feature rich selection of modulation modes that allows configuration to suit prevalent environment and tactical conditions. It also incorporates a high performance underwater telephone compliant to NATO standard, and its combination of advanced error correction techniques and state-of the-art modulation ensures robust and band-with efficient communications.

Commenting on Proteus, Commander Phil Titterton, MOD UK, said: "This equipment has brought underwater communications into the 21st century and offers the opportunity to provide an exciting capability enhancement for the Royal Navy. Its success demonstrates the real value of our investment in the research programme.�

QinetiQ's ASTROCOMM gateway buoy, was also fielded during the series of tests. ASTROCOMM combines an embedded version of Proteus with an Iridium Satellite link and uses Internet Protocol to fully integrate underwater assets into the wider network enabled battle space so providing a cost effective and seamless link between above and below water operations. The low cost free floating buoy housing ASTROCOMM can be launched from submerged, surface or air assets.

Embedded versions of Proteus are currently fitted to QinetiQ's Marlin and Gambit unmanned underwater vehicles.

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