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Siemens has launched Steward Web, a web-based software solution that allows all room automation functions to be operated from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

This new solution rounds out the comprehensive room automation portfolio by providing a contemporary, intuitive and cost-effective user interface.

Steward Web gives users a comfortable interface for operating the lighting, shading and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems in a room from a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. A comprehensive rights management system provides granular control of user access to authorized rooms and their functions. Steward Web is scalable and can also be used for very large buildings with several thousand simultaneous users.

The solution is extraordinarily flexible, based on cutting-edge web technology, and can be configured with little effort using a graphical engineering tool with a large library containing hundreds of standard graphics and icons. Its open architecture allows company logos, customer-specific symbols or web pages to be integrated into the user interface. If desired, the interface can also be customized to the customer's specific requirements and, in addition to providing room control, it can also display energy saving tips, weather forecasts, news and similar information. Moreover, Steward Web can be seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing intranet.

With the ability to control all functions online, very few switches are needed in the rooms. Since Steward Web uses the existing IP network, no additional cabling is required. This approach not only makes the new room operation solution from Siemens cost-effective, it also meets the need for unlimited flexibility because the operation of the room automation system can easily be adapted to new circumstances should the room usage change in the future.

Steward Web consists of a web server with an integrated BACnet/IP interface that can be installed on any computer (including virtual machines) that run Windows 7. Any current web browser is able to meet the client-side requirements - HTML 5, iFrames and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) - without additional plugins.

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