SAS R&D Services, Inc.2015-04-22 06:10:49

Sas R&D Services Inc announce that the well known Contraband Detection Kit (CEK®) is now being updated and reconfigured and will be known as the CEK®-R ("SEEKER")

70 units of our equipment were selected for use at the recent G-20 Conference held in Australia - almost 100 kits have been ordered by the US Military for use in overseas operations - and the US State Department has placed orders for our kits. We continue to export our Density meters, fiberscopes and kits world-wide as well as delivering to State/County and City Police departments throughout the USA. This equipment is now the first choice of operators around the World, due to its Exempt Licensing and ease of use.

The Xpose Density meter with graphing and recording capability remains unchanged as does the choice of up to 12 different fiberscopes - articulation/length and conductivity offering 40,000 LUX brightness and of course as always repairable by the end user using the items and instruction DVD supplied with every fiberscope. What has changed in the kit are the tools and accessories which range from a sophisticated wireless viewer/recorder to basic steel probes and mirrors. Everything needed in one case which can be easily be adapted to suit clients operational requirements.

Our kits come complete with an Instruction DVD which is available in several languages making training simple and straightforward.

We also introduce our QK7 personal, belt worn ,Contraband detection kit and Our Inspectacam Pole Camera system for SWAT and all types of inspections whether day or night.

The latest technology is used in all our equipment empowering end-users to be the best that they can be.

Whether you use our equipment or not - we wish you much success in fighting the scourge of drugs, weapons and WMD that are proliferating.

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