SAS R&D Services, Inc.2015-04-08 12:36:46

Sas R & D Services Inc have introduced a new upgraded version their well respected Contraband Detection Kits called the CEK-R "SEEKER"

Sas R & D Services Inc have upgraded their well respected Contraband Detection Kits ( CEK) with the addition of new high quality tools and equipment for all aspects of search and detection of smuggled contraband. The upgraded version is to be known as CEK-R "SEEKER" and will start shipping as of May 1st 2015.

Following on the recent sales successes, G-20 Summit ( 72 Kits) and US Army ( 80 kits) SASRAD have now received orders from the US State Department for shipment to overseas Embassies.

Export sales have been excellent with shipments to 6 out of the 7 continents of the World. Training programs have also been run internationally to assist users in using the equipment. Training is conducted by experienced Drug Enforcement Task Force Officers as SASRAD believe that factory sales training is not good enough for their users.

For more information contact:
South Florida Center
United States Of America
Tel:     +1 954-432-2345
Fax:     +1 954-432-4141


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