Blighter Surveillance Systems2015-02-12 07:50:35

Blighter Appoints Peter Hanlon to Boost Airport Sales of E-scan Doppler Radar/Camera Solution

Blighter Surveillance Systems, a British (Great Chesterford) electronic-scanning (e-scan) radar and sensor solution provider, has appointed industry veteran Peter Hanlon to boost sales into major international airports of the company's integrated Blighter e-scan Doppler perimeter security radar and thermal camera solution.

Mark Radford, CEO, Blighter Surveillance Systems, said: "Peter's role will be to build upon the company's success in the airport market as more operators consider the maintenance free, all-weather 24/7 persistent surveillance capability of our integrated e-scan radar/camera solutions. Such systems are proven to effectively address the ‘backdoor' threats arising from relatively low levels of perimeter security at many of the world's tier one and tier two airports."

For more information contact:
London Road
Great Chesterford
CB10 1NY
United Kingdom
Tel:     +44 1799 533200


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