SAS R&D Services, Inc.2014-09-26 12:32:10

SAS introduce a new Portable Under Vehicle Inspection system the PUV-227

The PUV-227 is a well priced portable under vehicle inspection/search system. Despite the small size of this unit, many of the features and functionalities that are currently found in larger systems are available. Designed to be moveable and deployable on an "as-required" basis this unit solves many inspection problems.

The complete system with the aluminum ramp has been designed to easily pack into one, environmentally sealed Pelicanâ„¢ case for easy transport. The PUV-227 is designed to be straddled by oncoming vehicles, but can withstand up to 40,000 lbs (18,143 kg) per axle if directly mounted.

The ramp housing contains two high-intensity, white LED, day/night cameras that fully capture the undercarriage of a passing vehicle, from wheel well to wheel well.

Inspections can be conducted from a distant location therefore dramatically increasing the safety of personnel. The PUV-227 is a full PC-based system with specialist software. The software features a dual-view inspection that functions with a standard touch pad that allows the user to access playback functions, such as pause, rewind, and fast-forward.

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