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Elbit Systems Provides Singaporean ST Electronics (Info-Security) with a Cyber Security Simulator for Civil Applications

Elbit Systems announced today that it provided ST Electronics with a Cyber Security Simulator. Enabling users, individually or as a group, to locate, respond and prevent cyber-attacks, while experiencing simulated network protection conditions, the simulator provided to ST Electronics will also present various network protection scenarios, conduct follow-up debriefing and evaluate the results.

The cyber simulator for civilian applications, a unique Elbit Systems development, is based on the company's extensive experience in cyber protection for its customers, as well as its proven air, sea and land training capabilities. Elbit Systems' cyber simulators are already in use by its own customers.

In recent years, Elbit Systems has invested great efforts in the development of new technologies and has been active in the field of network and system protection, cyber command & control systems, cyber protection of critical civilian infrastructure, and the development of special algorithms designated to identify various cyber warfare attacks.

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