Smiths Detection2005-01-28 11:54:28

Smiths Detection to provide explosive detection walk-through trace portal at Jacksonville International Airport
Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of trace detection equipment, today announced it has been selected by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to field test its explosive detection walk-through portal, called the Sentinel II, at the Jacksonville International Airport. The TSA will be evaluating the
system's performance and its impact on terminal operations.

"This system is a significant upgrade to existing passenger checkpoints. It offers high throughput and very high sensitivity,� said Bill Mawer, President, Smiths Detection North America. "We are pleased to participate in these trials that have begun ahead of the Super Bowl.�

The Sentinel II is a non-invasive walk-through scanner that operates automatically, passing air gently over the body to release particles that are naturally absorbed by or cling to a person's clothing or body. These particles are then drawn into the instrument for analysis. Detection of these particles or vapors can indicate that a person is either carrying an explosive device or has come into contact with explosive substances.

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