Smiths Detection2005-03-02 11:37:17

Smiths Detection unveils innovative mobile security checkpoint for screening individuals and personal items

Russia places first order for unique mobile platform that integrates X-ray and trace detection capabilities under one roof

Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of
X-ray and trace detection equipment, today introduced an innovative Mobile Security Checkpoint, called MSC 20, that is designed to screen individuals as well as personal items. Russia is the first country to order the integrated security checkpoint that houses multiple technologies within one secure 20 ft. (6 metre) container. The system can be quickly deployed to any location and is designed for indoor and outdoor use.

"The MSC 20 allows users to adapt the system to respond to any potential security threat. It can house many variations of screening technologies including X-ray inspection systems, metal detector portals, trace detectors for explosives, narcotics, biological and chemical or radioactive substances, as well as document and biometric readers for the identification of individuals,� said Roland Muesse, President of Smiths Detection Europe, Middle East and Africa. "This innovative system enables authorities to move quickly in creating temporary or permanent security checkpoints for nearly any application.�

The MSC 20 is designed for deployment at public events such as demonstrations, sports tournaments, cultural events or elections. It can also be used to secure facilities such as nuclear power plants, border checkpoints, and access ways to public transport such as passenger inspection points outside airports, metro, train and tram stations. The MSC 20 can be custom-designed for every application; and it is ideal in federal, public, and private industry high-risk areas and for military applications.

In the first contract for the MSC 20, a mobile, two-lane checkpoint with an autonomous power supply and special "winter package,� including its own heating, has been delivered to Moscow by Smiths Detection.

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