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The Xpose® "New Technology" Hand Held Miniature Contraband Detector

Also known as a Density Meter is ISO 9001:2008 Certified CE & RoHS Compliant

The Xpose indicates the difference in density between contraband (drugs, explosives, weapons, currency, etc.) and the object in which the contraband is hidden - This unit has many unique features such as graphing capability and connection to a computer and various accessories. Using our software "Xpose Tools" The last 100 scans are saved in memory and may be downloaded to a computer, with date & time stamps. Various accessories are available with more in development.

Sas R & D Services are the Worldwide exclusive source of supply for this item.

Sas R & D Services are establishing Service Depots around the World to make maintenance and repair easy for users, several are already in operation.

Xpose is sold under an Exempt Distribution License issued by NRC and is in full compliance with CFR 10CFR§32.30 - §32.32

The Sasrad Contraband Enforcement Kit (CEK)®

The CEK is a kit of leading edge equipment for cargo Inspection and highway interdiction including the tools required for inspecting freight, vehicles, boats and planes. Each kit contains the Lightweight LED "everything-in-the handle" articulating Fiberscope plus a range of small tools and instruments which are required for daily operational use. Other fiberscopes are available for inspecting small closed areas and even vehicle tires without letting the air out. Available in Basic or Enhanced combinations of equipment this kit is the complete answer to contraband search, and detection.

The first and only fiberscope which can be repaired in the field - 6mm diameter articulating Fiberscopes with 2 or 4 way articulation of the tip, Tungsten Braid or Non-Conductive covering, 6mm diameter up to 5.0m in length. Other lengths and diameters available on request. Other Fiberscopes are available for IED/SWAT applications with channels for introducing working/handling tools including microphone, magnetic retriever and grasper.

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