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Visor Systems Limited launches the VISOR-C compact Under-Vehicle Surveillance System

Visor Systems Limited has developed the VISOR-C UVSS following customer demand for a compact version of their successful, high performance, colour multi-camera technology, currently employed in the original VISOR-P ‘portable' and VISOR-S ‘static' under-vehicle surveillance systems.

Police, border control, law enforcement agencies and private security organisations have all been requesting a compact, portable version for specific types of checkpoint operation, where the majority of vehicles to be processed are cars and vans.

However, these organisations have stated the need to retain the high performance technology, required when protecting people, events, infrastructure and facilities from the threat of criminal and terrorist activities.

VISOR-C is a complete system - "ready to deploy". Although VISOR-C is small, light and quick to deploy and operate, the system produces high quality images and includes all the operator tools needed to easily examine the underside of vehicles quickly and efficiently.

VISOR-C uses the same proprietary software as other Visor Systems Limited products. It processes the image frames from each of the system cameras, to produce a clear ‘compositeimage' in less than 2 seconds after a vehicle has passed over the system.

In-keeping with the original VISOR philosophy, none of the image data is lost due to image compression or during the assembly of the composite-image so, when the Operator inspects the displayed image and decides that further detailed examination is required s/he simply clicks on the area of interest to review the individual frame in detail at its native resolution - there is no loss of resolution.

VISOR-C, along with its sister products and bespoke solution capability, allows Visor Systems Limited to provide a high performance solution for virtually all under vehicle surveillance system needs.

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