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Securiclad raises the bar in high security construction

High security composite panel manufacturer Securiclad has developed an enhanced version of its innovative modular construction system, which is designed to offer an increased level of protection to meet client demands.

Securiclad's new system offers a solution to Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 Security Rating (SR) 5, which means that it is designed and manufactured to withstand determined attempts at forced entry using the kind of top-of-the-range, battery powered cutting tools employed by fire and rescue personnel.

The system has been designed to resist attack by a circular saw and a high-powered 750W reciprocating saw with specialist blades, as well as tools including drills, sledgehammers and disc grinders.

Securiclad offers an innovative, premium security solution which can be used in a range of sectors, including data centres, healthcare, utilities, cargo handling, retail, residential and finance.

Its high security level and cutting edge design means that it is ideal for the protection of areas containing servers, sensitive data, control equipment, hazardous substances, high value items and pharmaceuticals.

As the system is modular, it is quick and easy to install. It is also entirely bespoke and can be designed to specification.

Securiclad can be used in new buildings or retro-fitted to an existing site, and is pre-finished, negating the need for wet trade requirements. It has both internal and external applications and can be used to form a standalone ‘room', kiosk or partition, making it ideal for use in co-location premises.

Manufactured at Securiclad's facility in North Tyneside, the system is delivered across the UK and is available as a turnkey solution, via approved and certified nominated installers.

Securiclad's managing director, Mike McColl, said: "We are delighted to have developed the LPS 1175 SR5 modular system solution for introduction into the market.

"It provides an increased level of security and will provide organisations and individuals with even greater protection for their systems, data, materials and valuables.

"The development of the SR5 solution is testimony to the innovative approach of the Securiclad team and marks a very significant development for the company."

To date, Securiclad's LPS 1175 SR4 rated systems have been used in a range of applications to secure facilities including data centres, telecommunications infrastructure, NHS blood transfusion units, university buildings and airport cargo areas.

Securiclad is approved for Government use by the Centre for the Protection Of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

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