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NEC showcased its latest range of Public Safety solutions

NEC showcased its latest range of Public Safety solutions including Biometrics, Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure management solutions, and Inter-Agency Collaboration solutions for a wide range application from government, law enforcement, security services at CTX.

NEC is an end-to-end provider of advanced security systems on a global basis. NEC's market leading biometric solutions have been used in more than 40 countries worldwide in a broad range of applications including surveillance, border control, national ID and criminal investigation systems.

High Performance Face Recognition

NeoFace Watch is a high performance face recognition system that integrates the independently tested, high speed, high accuracy NEC face recognition engine as the core of a scalable, high performance face matching software application, capable of handling extremely large numbers of faces submitted for matching in a given timeframe. It can be used for various public safety use scenarios including real-time crowd surveillance, access control, intruder awareness, forensic analysis and crowd flow management.

NeoFace Reveal and SmartID are forensic face recognition applications specifically designed to assist law enforcement in solving crimes.

Inter-Agency Collaboration Solutions

Leveraging actionable intelligence to address the complex issues of collecting, transmitting and analyzing the data collected from various devices and sensors to provide situation awareness and information governance for multiple agencies

Cyber Security

NEC's Cyber Security solutions safeguard key information assets at all levels and for different situations with a layered, integrated threat mitigation strategy. One of NEC's Cyber Security solutions: the Cyber Range Platform is used for training, testing, simulating and validating large-scale IT architecture, security networks and solutions.

Integrated Security Solutions

Solutions for safeguarding critical facilities using multi-modal biometrics, surveillance, sensors and advanced analytics.

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