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ESB Telecoms has contracted LOCKEN UK Ltd to upgrade its access infrastructures.

The contract due to be completed in 2014 covers the provision of 1000 access systems for GSM base stations at 450 locations throughout the country. This contract follows on the heels of a pilot programme that allowed ESB to ascertain the skills of LOCKEN teams and the performance of the implemented access control solution.

ESB Telecoms Ltd Health & Safety Manager Peter Gregg's commented:

"We became aware of this innovative Asset Management technology from a number of European utilities using the LOCKEN system. Following proactive discussions with LOCKEN exploring our specific requirements, we believe that the detailed engineering solution and the flexibility of LOCKEN's IT system will provide an enhanced safety management control for all parties visiting our telecommunication sites."

Access control to match ESB Telecoms Ltd.'s needs

Located in remotes sites exposed to wind and rain, ESB Telecoms Ltd facilities must be accessible to a 1,500-strong contractor crew, 95% of whom are external 3rd parties. The LOCKEN solution is perfect for controlling access to infrastructure at remote sites, ensuring thousands of access requests are granted to contractor personnel every month. Tailored programming of access rights guarantees secure access.

A solution integrated with the ESB Telecoms Ltd on Line Work Approval system

The LOCKEN solution will be integrated with the ESB Telecoms Ltd Extranet, significantly improving operating effectiveness: user management is done directly in the ESB Telecoms Ltd Extranet with automatic transfer of data to the Locken Software Suite.

Similarly work access authorisations generated from the ESB Telecoms Ltd Extranet will automatically generate access rights to the Locken Software suite.

LOCKEN UK Managing Director Nick Dooley remarks:

"We are very pleased to work alongside Ireland's leading Telecom infrastructure provider. We intend to use ESB Telecoms Ltd as a springboard to show local business how important smart electronic key solutions can be. ESB Telecoms Ltd is a demanding company with stringent targets in terms of security and operating efficiency, which is perfect for us. It's a mutually beneficial relationship".

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