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CBRNE security powered by SENSORCORE

"CBRNE terrorism poses a clear threat to public health and safety, national security and economic and political stability on a global level." INTERPOL

"Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) agents remain a grave threat to citizens." US Department of Homeland Security

Water distribution systems are vulnerable to deliberate, accidental or natural contamination, having many potential entry points for rapid and extensive distribution of harmful substances.

Surveillance platforms for intruder security are available but can only be adapted to alert for chemical and biological contamination if selective, sensitive and instantaneous detectors are available. However, current methods are limited to off-line laboratory analysis, which are too slow to initiate prompt action, or simple indicators (e.g. pH, conductivity), which are limited in the information that they provide, failing to cover many contaminants and rendering decision-making unreliable.

ISIS, an EU consortium, enhances public security by developing an advanced monitoring system for drinking water networks that detects chemical or biological contamination and gives clear indication of the risk level. The ISIS consortium brings together two water company end-users with security and sensor specialists from the research, academic and SME communities. ISIS is a €3.4million FP7 project funded by the EU.

The ISIS project combines advances in the state-of-the-art in four main areas: sensors; wireless networks; intelligent surveillance strategies and integrated risk analysis software. This combination of technologies is a major advance in security systems, giving a capability for water suppliers that is not currently available. It enables rapid alert of any chemical or biological contaminations and provides operators with a risk level and action response. This allows appropriate informed action to be taken and minimizes the chance of false alarms, which not only incurs substantial costs to water companies, but also causes the panic and disruption that are also the aims of terrorist activity.

CNIguard is the system integration and commercial exploitation leader for ISIS. CNIguard's SENSORCORETM enables the fusion of multiple sensors to deliver critical missions, including the chemical and biological sensors developed as part of ISIS. The advanced architecture of the SENSORCORETM platform enables a range of options including analog or digital sensors, wired or wireless configurations, and covert or overt installations.

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