Security & Counter Terror Expo2014-05-06 08:23:21

Audiotel International announced the launch of a number of new products at CT Expo 2014.

ALFIE is a personal alert device for C-IED jamming systems; the SB NLJD is a highly effective detector of electronic devices and e-Shieldâ„¢ is the latest in simple to use protection from un-wanted eavesdropping.


ALFIE is an innovative body worn alert device providing users with essential confidence in the effectiveness of their received RC-IED jamming signal. Highly robust and very simple to use ALFIE is configurable with most modern jamming systems. ALFIE is capable of operating with systems transmitting between 10MHz and 3GHz and is fitted with a safety mechanism to ensure no loss of integrity. The device is available as a single unit or in multiples to suit operational needs and will become a key component of force protection, close protection and bomb technician inventories. ALFIE is already under evaluation with a number of agencies. A detailed briefing on ALFIE will take place in the Policing, Military and Emergency Response Theatre on Wednesday 30th April.


The new SB Detector range is our latest advance in lightweight Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) technology, representing the culmination of our 35 years' experience in this sector. These powerful and versatile detectors are available in a range of affordable prices and output powers to suit a range of counter surveillance and counter IED tasks. Optimised to detect modern electronic devices and designed for maximum portability, the SB Detector has an extendable search head which provides exceptional reach, and incorporates an ultra-bright LED display.


e-Shieldâ„¢ is a compact sensor system which deploys advanced harmonic wave technology to detect unauthorised RF analogue and digital transmissions. Able to monitor over one million frequencies every second e-Shieldâ„¢ provides 24/7 protection against eavesdropping in meeting rooms, offices and any area in which confidential information is discussed. Proven in the most sophisticated and demanding applications, our robust solution has a new, user-friendly interface, making it simple and easy to use. e-Shieldâ„¢ is available as a portable system easily moved from room to room or as a permanent installation. Both options provide ultimate reassurance when the highest available level of protection is required.

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