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Alford Technologies Launched a New Lightweight Disruptor & Squid Tape

Alford Technologies will be launched a new lightweight disruptor, the 1 Litre Bottler Lite user-filled explosive disruptor and Squid Tape, the underwater non-adhesive fixing tape at the Counter Terror Expo in London.

Bottler Lite and the standard Bottler ranges are patented Omni-Directional explosive disruptors that come in a range of different sizes. The Bottler Lite range already consists of a 0.25 litre and 0.5 litre charge and the 1 litre size enhances the range by offering a larger, more powerful disruptor.

As with the other Bottler Lite products, the new charge can accommodate one of three different explosive loads to deliver the same patented omni-directional effect, but with a higher water to explosive ratio than the original 1 Litre Bottler giving a more controlled and precise disruptive effect and less collateral damage. This makes them ideal for use against soft-cased IEDs or in urban or indoor applications.

Squid Tape is a silicone-based non-adhesive tape which can be used in air and underwater for joining or tying items together or for fixing charges to targets. While non-sticky to the touch, it is adhered and bonds to itself even when completely submerged.

The tape can be stretched up to 300%, allowing items to be jointed under tension so joints and bonds can be made tighter or stronger simply by winding Squid TapeTM around the joint. One innovative use is as an emergency tourniquet by simply binding several times around a wound.

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