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Advanced Laser Imaging Build on their Metropolitan Police Service Experience to Develop New Markets for 3D Laser Scanning

After eight years' working with the Metropolitan Police Service, the founders of Advanced Laser Imaging Ltd are now extending the scope of their world-leading expertise. Built on the latest laser scanning and photogrammetry techniques, the company's highly accurate, immersive, 3D environments have now been developed for a wide range of security-related applications.

Event Security Planning
Ensuring security at large or high profile events is a key application for Advanced Laser Imaging's technology and techniques. The ability to create a single, immersive and accurate 3D environment of the event's route or location enables those responsible for the event's security to accurately plan physical and personnel asset deployments, as well as potential flashpoints, without having to physically revisit the scene. Information can be easily shared with other stakeholders prior to the event, tactics can be adapted and communicated during the event, and plans for future
events can be formulated based on accurate, animated reconstructions.

Critical Infrastructure Security Planning and Post Incident Procedures
With a complete and accurate 3D digital recording of a potential target facility, security teams have the ideal tool for immediate heightened situational awareness. In addition to mapping assets, CCTV coverage and other threat mitigation measures, the team can run and share scenario planning exercises as well as reconstruct incidents for further training.

Emergency Response and Intervention
Their technical directors have first-hand experience of deploying innovative laser scanning techniques to support specialist police divisions in Emergency Response situations. With an accurate, 3D image of a building, plane, ship or vehicle, commanders and teams are able to use this heightened situational awareness to plan entry and exit routes, taking into account all assets in the scene, and run full animations as part of their Post Incident Procedures.

Paul Snudden, Advanced Laser Imaging's Chief executive, commented: "Since launching Advanced Laser Imaging last year, events have confirmed our founding conviction that our state of the art expertise in the creation and exploitation of accurate 3D environments has a wide range of important applications. We're excited by the possibilities that lie ahead in the further development of this game-changing capability."

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