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Mallory Distribution secures safety and better operations with Milestone IP video surveillance.

Memphis - February 2004. Mallory Alexander has a top performing networked surveillance solution that ensures a safe environment for the high-volume movement of goods through their huge distribution center. Managers can keep on top of the business, also remotely any time of day or night. Theft and pilferage are controlled while shipping and receiving issues can also be resolved. This busy global logistics company has to ensure that products are stored and moved safely. Their Container Freight Station also has special demands from inspecting customs officials who require - along with the customers - high security standards.

"We have special considerations beyond the enormous size of our site," states Douglas Durden, Manager of Safety, Security & Asset Retention at Mallory Alexander International Logistics. "For example, the reception area of the Mallory Distribution Center has a lot of people going and coming, with many different sources supplying our customers. There's a restricted container freight station area to handle foreign imports and exports. We've got to keep track of all that with regulations for safety and security."

A solution to protect all the assets
The Mallory Distribution Center is gigantic - seven football fields could fit inside it - covering 400,000 square feet and the Container Freight Station that is 40 x 30 feet. Located at the end of an industrial zone, it can feel isolated at night. The center has a combination of employee safety, preventive loss issues, security and operations concerns for 62 docks altogether.

The surveillance system provides monitoring round the clock and remote access anytime, anyplace. An infrared detector is mounted at the gate that triggers cameras to start recording when someone drives up at night. PTZ cameras are monitoring the parking lot, the receiving and shipping bays, the trash disposal area and the railroad container bays running along the back of the building.

Milestone XProtect IP video surveillance software is the operating system for the hybrid solution using five Axis 2400 video servers and an Axis 241Q to convert analog images from Pelco Spectra Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras. There are also some stationery JVC network cameras.

Meeting customer demands

Elesa Hayden, Operations Manager at the Mallory Distribution Center, comments: "We have specialized customers with different needs. Those who have come to visit us since the surveillance installation are very impressed with the security."

Quality assurance and supplier issues

The Mallory Distribution Center is the largest fulfillment center for 1-800-FLOWERS outside New York. They have a 7-day freshness money-back guarantee, so timing is key. With the Milestone surveillance, they have proof of Mallory's quality control in this process.

"The Milestone surveillance comes in handy when the railroad claims we aren't ready for deliveries, with a charge of $175 per car. I pull the information in Milestone and disputes are quickly resolved," reports Hayden. "The surveillance works as a management tool to settle incidents when they occur."

Flexibility and remote access anytime

With the railroad service running at late hours and the flower operation on night-time operation, the remote access capabilities of the Milestone IP video surveillance are a real benefit for Mallory management. Recordings are accessible via the built-in Web interface and a secure logon.

"The advantage with the IP surveillance is that I always know what's going on. I can access it remotely from home if there are second-shift issues to resolve. Management and the Security Manager can also use remote access to monitor the business from headquarters," says Hayden. "At night I can see exactly what time shipments are going out, and how they are proceeding, if they are loading or unloading in a timely manner. The pictures are very clear. I really like the system because it keeps my operation running more efficiently."

Incom Interactive Surveillance, a Milestone Certified Partner, installed the Mallory security system in April 2004. They remotely administer maintenance of the servers from their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

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