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Smiths Detection unveils next generation desktop detection system for explosives and narcotics

Trace Detector enables simultaneous detection of more than 40 types of narcotics and 40 types of explosives; unique system design and application of dual IMS detectors enable exceptional sensitivity

Smiths Detection, the world's leading provider of X-ray and trace detection equipment, today introduced a next generation portable desktop trace detection system called the Ionscan 500DT. The advanced instrument is capable of simultaneously detecting microscopic amounts of more than forty types of narcotic and forty types of explosive substances.

The Ionscan 500DT utilizes dual Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) detectors and is capable of identifying sub-nanogram amounts of explosive and narcotic substances, from a single sample, in less than eight seconds. The system incorporates two independently controlled IMS detectors in a single system, one optimized for explosives and the other for narcotics. This design enables the system to maintain optimum analysis conditions for all target substances without compromising detection performance.

The Ionscan 500DT has an ergonomic design, a large color touch-screen display, built-in printer and 40GB internal hard drive. An advanced sampling wand eliminates the need for an operator to handle a sample swab after every operation, increasing the quality of sample analysis. The Ionscan 500DT utilizes specially developed proprietary software and has also been optimized for reduced maintenance and cost of ownership.

"The Ionscan 500DT was developed in response to demand for optimized and simultaneous detection of all explosives and narcotics,� said Bill Mawer, President of Smiths Detection North America. "With the utilization of two independent IMS detectors, we can offer the highest possible level of detection. The dual detector design eliminates the compromise to sensitivity inherent in single tube systems that are used to detect simultaneously for narcotics and explosives.�

With more than 6,000 trace detection systems deployed throughout the world, Smiths Detection has designed the Ionscan 500DT for applications at airports, ports and border crossings, public and private buildings, courthouses and correctional facilities.

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