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The Xpose® Miniature contraband Detector/Density Meter

The Xpose contraband detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged, handheld density meter designed to aid law enforcement officials with the detection of hidden objects. The XposeR represents a totally new generation of hand held contraband detection equipment, reflecting the changes in technology that have occurred over the years. It features the exciting new graphing capability - selectable by the operator.

The Xpose is significantly smaller - about 30% lighter than any other density meter.
• Miniaturization of internal components enables greatly reduced size and weight while improving detection capability with the latest in technological innovation.
• In addition to the 400 x 240 pixel Video-graphic display which is visible under all lighting conditions, including bright sunlight - the XPOSE also has density/time graphing capability - which is exclusive to XPOSE
• USB or Bluetooth connection to remote display, extension arms or computer.

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